How People See Us

Success Stories


  1. So far, 188 girls have completed the General Nursing & Midwifery course successfully and have passed out of our School of Nursing. Most of them have been placed in government hospitals in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Some girls who came from outside the state have their placement in various hospitals in their respective states. However, a few of them have had the distinction of receiving placement abroad like Dubai, Kuwait and London. By dint of their dedication and sense of focused progress, they not only have won praise for themselves but also won accolades for the institution from which they passed.
  2. 64 girls undergoing General Nursing & Midwifery training presently in our School of Nursing.
  3. Awarding of cash prizes to the outstanding students of the School of Nursing has raised their self-worth and faith in themselves. It has infused in them a sense of purpose and orientation in their career making them better employees, better members of the society and better citizens of the country.
  4. ANM Nurses, who complete the in-service training successfully, have been promoted to higher grades in their respective vocation.
  5. Counselling given to indigenous women in social and spiritual spheres have made them self-reliant and they have given feedback that they are able to cope with situations they encounter in their lives.
  6. Women and girls, who were sent on Bharat Darshan are now able to appreciate their role and responsibility as citizens of India after having first-hand experience of the grandeur of Indian culture, and civilization. This has inculcated a greater sense of oneness which they feel with the country and its peoples.

Thus, Ramakrishna Mission Hospital has been doing commendable service in the fields of education and professional training apart from health care for development of women in Arunachal Pradesh.



The institution has grown into a prestigious health care Centre in the North-East India with fair amount of reputation for its services. The hospital is recognized for the treatment of employees of the Central Government as well as the State Government. Besides catering for the whole of Arunachal Pradesh, the hospital serves patients coming from a distance of about 100 kilometres from the neighbouring state of Assam also. The hospital has had some proud moments to cherish when it received awards and letters of recognition from time to time.

  • a) The hospital was awarded the 15th Mahaveer Award by Bhagawan Mahaveer Foundation in the field of Medicine and Community and Social Services.
  • b) The District Administration of Papum Pare District, in which the hospital is situated, awarded the hospital the First Annual Verier Elwin Award and a citation in recognition of its outstanding contribution in Community Work.
  • c) The Itanagar Chapter of the Indian Federation of Working Journalists felicitated the Hospital. A Citation was awarded to the Secretary of the hospital in a public function.
  • d) All Itanagar Market Association felicitated the hospital with a Letter of Credit in recognition of the selfless services rendered by the hospital for the people of Arunachal Pradesh.