Facilities Available

Facilities Available

1) General Medicines 2) General Surgery 3) Obstetrics-Gynaecology

4) Dental


  • Crooked teeth, braces, gap between teeth, forward teeth, backward teeth, redefining smile, correction of jaws at growing stage, cleft palate/cleft lip, impacted teeth.


  • Denture, Implants, removable partial denture, fixed partial denture

Oral & Maxillofacial

  • Jaw joint related problems, Swelling face/neck/head, cleft palate/cleft lip, oral cancer (biopsy, surgical management), wisdom teeth extraction, implants.
5) Homeopathy 6) ENT
  • Fibre optic bronchoscopy
  • Fibre optic nasolaryngoscopy
  • Audiometry
7) Ophthalmology (Adult & Paediatrics)
  • Phacoemulsification, Pulsair tonometer, slit lamp, auto refractometer, applanation tonometer, synoptophore, A scan, Low vision clinic, B scan, Automated perimeter, YAG laser, Automated lensmeter, Automated keratometer, Non-contact tonometer, Optical coherence topography system, Retinal fundus camera with FFA, Green laser
8) Paediatrics 9) Integrated counselling and testing centre (HIV/AIDS)
10) IVF 11) Urology
12) Injection Room 13) Dressing Room 14) Free Drug Dispensary
15) Vaccination for children 16) STI clinic 17) DOT (Tuberculosis)
1) Hemo-dialysis- 6 bedded unit 2) NICU- 8 bedded unit 3) Conventional & Digital X-Ray 4) ECG 5) MRI 6) CT-Scan
7) Physical & occupational therapy centre 8) Upper GI high resolution video endoscopy 9) Blood Bank 10) Clinical & Pathological laboratory

Auto biochemistry analyser, Haematology analyser, Electrolyte analyser, Blood gas analyser, Electro chemiluminicense immunoassay analyser.

11) Centralized oxygen & vacuum piping system for all the beds 12) ALFC


  1. Emergency (Free 24 hours)
  2. School of Nursing- General Nursing & Midwifery Diploma (3 years)
  3. Pharmacy retail outlet Selling drugs and allied products
  4. Pay-Clinic (7am – 9am & 5pm to 7 pm)- Time changes seasonally
  5. Canteen
  6. Sub-Post office
  7. Mobile Eye Care Unit
  8. Free Ambulance Services- 24 hours (Local- For bringing patients only)