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The hospital caters to the tribal community and financially weaker section, which cover 80 % of the total population of Arunachal Pradesh. All the health care equipments of the hospital, some of which are very special in nature, are maintained at a very high cost in this far-flung and remote State, which lacks in infrastructure facilities. The institution so far has not created any fund for the maintenance of the hospital buildings, maintenance and replacement of capital equipment and maintenance of the School of Nursing.

With the ever-increasing costs, it has become exceedingly difficult to maintain this service of ailing poor patients, the cause which was very dear to Swami Vivekananda. We fervently appeal to all the citizens, to strengthen our hands to serve the ailing humanity with liberal donations. Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh, India needs active financial support to become financially stable. Anyone and everyone can take part in this great mission of serving people and thus serving GOD. We request people from all walks and section of the Society to come forward and donate generously according to their might to the hospital fund and thus help us to carry on our work more efficiently. We have the following options in mind to overcome this crisis faced by the hospital.


Creation of endowments in your name or in the name of your near and dear ones is most welcome. You may consider an endowment for maintenance of one bed. Calculating the cost of treatment for one patient in one bed to be Rs.100/- (approximately) per day, the yearly expense for a patient comes to Rs. 36,500/-. To get this amount as interest from an endowment, you will need to put in al least Rs. 6 lakhs. We have 222 beds in this hospital and we urge you to consider creating endowments for as many beds as you may wish.

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B) Donate Eye:

Facts about Eye Donation Do you know?
We can light the life of two blind persons by donating our eyes after our death Eye donation is the noblest of all causes
Become eternal. Donate eyes

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C) Donate Blood:

The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood. Blood cannot be manufactured — it can only come from generous donors .

Why do we need to donate blood?

There is tremendous demand for blood in hospitals. Many patients suffer because they are not able to cope with the loss of blood.

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